General Information

Instructions and Conditions for Purchase of Passenger Tickets

General Information

The conditions of online purchase and sale of passenger tickets through the online passenger tickets booking system of JSC aviation company Transaviabaltica (registry code 159973821, located at Karmelava, Kaunas dist. LT-54460, Republic of Lithuania), hereinafter referred to as “Air Carrier“, have been established according to the Consumer Protection Act, the recommendations of Estonian and Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the codes concerning international e-commerce and the Air Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. The sale of passenger tickets takes place within the framework of the project Saartelennuliinid and applies only to the flights of the Air Carrier. The sale and purchase service of the passenger tickets is organised and provided by the Air Carrier’s authorized representative and cooperation partner OÜ Razoone (registry code 11010237, located at Rõika 31a, Tallinn 10617, Republic of Estonia), hereinafter referred to as the “Seller “.

The Air Carrier’s application for the online purchase of passenger tickets through the online passenger tickets booking system is managed by the Seller, who is also the provider of the web services.

Ticket Purchase Instructions

The booking of a passenger ticket is confirmed only after the immediate online payment for the passenger ticket!

By opening the web site of the Air Carrier’s project Saartelennuliinid, located at the address and by clicking on the “Buy a Ticket” field on the taskbar, the ticket buyer can start an online purchase of passenger tickets. For the purchase of passenger tickets, the departure and airport of destinations must be chosen from among the airports listed in the system, as well as the departure date and the number of passengers (the corresponding number of passengers for each ticket category). A price bracket suitable for the passenger (FIX or FLEX ticket) must be selected for a convenient flight and flight time. NB! In the case of a round trip, the right return route must be selected. The system automatically selects a morning flight as the return flight. In the next stage, the ticket buyer enters the details of the passenger(s): surname, given name, e-mail address, (mobile) telephone number and country. When entering the passenger’s given name and surname, it is not advisable to use special letters (x, y …). Business passengers have the possibility to add company details. The system will issue a purchase invoice for the accounting of the business passenger’s company. In order to complete the ticket purchase, the ticket buyer will verify the booking details, examine the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase and click on the corresponding square to notify acceptance of the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase. NB! For getting acquainted with the ticket purchase rules, click on the text “GENERAL CONDITIONS”, and if you click on the square next to it, you agree with the Air Carrier’s terms and conditions and rules. By clicking on the “Pay Now” field, the ticket buyer is directed according to their choice either to the secure payment site of the e-money institution Paysera or to the secure credit card payment link of Swedbank NETS. The e-money institution Paysera allows payment via bank links, Swedbank allows payments by credit or debit card (Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro) with the issuer’s authorization for use on the Internet. When paying via bank links, it is definitely necessary to make sure that the correct country of payment has been selected. By default setting, the country is Estonia. After making the payment, the ticketing system issues a booking confirmation to the passenger. At the end of the booking process, a booking confirmation, a payment confirmation and an electronic flight confirmation will be sent to the passenger’s e-mail address (an invoice to business passengers). The Air Carrier shall issue only electronic passenger tickets. It is not necessary to print out the flight confirmation. For checking in at the Check-in, presenting an ID card or a passport is sufficient. A passenger who has bought a low fare passenger ticket must hold, and provide upon request, a document certifying the right for the preferential price. See the “Price list” field on the taskbar on the website of Saartelennuliinid. The latter does not hold good for passengers who have bought a ticket at a campaign price.

Ticket Categories and Prices

FIX ticket or a regular ticket is a fixed ticket that cannot be refunded, replaced or changed. The passenger’s name on the regular ticket can be changed by notifying the Seller about it at least two hours before the flight departure. The passenger’s name can be changed only once for each booking. In the case of a round trip booking, the change of the passenger’s name applies to the booking in full. The change of the passenger’s name is free of charge.

FLEX ticket is a dynamic ticket that can be refunded, replaced and changed. Changing, replacing or refunding the ticket is free of charge. The Seller must be notified of the change request at least two hours before the flight departure. Upon returning a FLEX ticket, 50% of the cost of the ticket will be refunded. The fare will be returned to the same account/payment card wherefrom the Seller received the fare. The notifications must be sent to the Seller by e-mail at the address or by calling on the phone number +372 58856336.

PS! A discount ticket (65-year-old or older passenger, severely disabled passenger and pupils and students) must be booked on a separately. A discount will not apply if you book a discount ticket with adult fare!

Taxes, Fees, Charges

All taxes, fees and charges are included in the passenger ticket price. Changes in taxes, fees or charges may change the ticket price. When using special payment options such as SMS BANK or a ticket purchase option made via WebMoney, a surcharge of the considerable amount may be added by the service provider when performing the transaction. Read the conditions of the use of the payment options above carefully before using the payment option!

Ticket Purchase Agreement

Purchase Agreement – a passenger ticket between the Air Carrier and the Ticket Buyer – shall enter into force from the moment the Ticket Buyer has paid for the passenger tickets and the payment has come in to the Seller’s account, after which the Air Carrier confirms the booking (the Ticket Buyer receives an e-mail about the booking status with the subject “Saartelennuliinid booking confirmation No. XXXXX”). From that moment, all the prices and other terms and conditions shall be final and binding for the Seller and the Ticket Buyer.

Complaints and Disputes

The Air Carrier and the Seller shall act in accordance with valid consumer protection legal provisions. Complaints shall be made to the e-mail address Resolution of complaints shall be confidential.

The Seller must confirm the receipt of the complaint within five working days and notify the Ticket Buyer of the duration of the discussion and the course of the procedure.

The Air Carrier and the Seller are aware of the economic value of the claim and the disproportion of the costs arising from the legal resolution of disputes. This is the main reason for them to try not to initiate legal proceedings. Thus, the Air Carrier and the Seller will give their best to resolve any disputes by mutual consent.

Discharge from Liability

The Air Carrier and the Seller shall do their best to ensure that the information on their website is up to date and accurate. However, the ticket prices may change so fast that the Air Carrier and the Seller are not able to change the information on the website in a timely manner. The Air Carrier shall, in any case, notify the Ticket Buyer of the changes and find the best solution for improving the situation.

Safety of Ticket Purchase and Protection of Personal Data.  

Privacy and Cookie Policy.

The Seller shall use appropriate technology and organisational measures to protect the transfer and recording of personal data and payments.

Swedbank monitors the security of authorizations and transactions made with credit cards. The credit card authorizations are made in real time and include an immediate verification of data by the bank. Card details are not saved on the Air Carrier’s server. The Air Carrier undertakes not to permanently save personal data when the user enters the data (surname, given name, phone number, e-mail address) of the passenger(s) during each booking. The payment will be made through the website of and the e-money institution Paysera. The Air Carrier shall use personal data only for the purpose of execution of a purchase order by sending the invoices and travel confirmations, as well as information in case of changes in flight times or flight cancellations. The user data shall not be disclosed under any circumstances to unauthorized persons. More information on tab: Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Price list, Flight Plan, Travel Information                                                                                                   

You can familiarize yourself with the airfares and the prices of incidental services by clicking on the Price list field on the taskbar of Saartelennuliinid website.

You can familiarize yourself with the flight plan by clicking on the Flight plan field on the taskbar of Saartelennuliinid website.

You can familiarize yourself with general and special conditions for the passenger, including the terms and conditions of refunding a ticket by clicking on the Travel info field on the taskbar of Saartelennuliinid website.

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