Frequently asked questions


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions


1. Where's the flight to Tallinn?

In Tallinn, the plane takes off from an airport called L. Meri: Tartu mnt 101, Tallinn


2. Where is it possible to buy tickets or pay for services at Tallinn Airport?

At Tallinn Airport, tickets can be purchased from Estair cashier and Estravel Tallinn Airport office, services can be paid to Estair cashier.


3. Do I get on a flight if I don't have an ID card or passport?

Only an identity document with a picture can be taken on the flight except for infants who also have access to the birth certificate.

If you do not have a proof of identity at check-in, you will not be allowed on the flight and the ticket will expire.

To check, call the airport information number!


4. Can I check in online check-in also?

There is currently no such option and check-in can only be made at the airport check-in cash register.

The check-in shall be opened 1 h before the departure of the flight and shall be closed out 30 minutes before departure.

The cash register, which will be closed 20 minutes before departure. You can't get on the flight after that.


5. What happens if I'm late for a flight?

If you get to the airport after the check-in closes, the check-in employee at the airport has the right not to allow you on the flight and your ticket expires.

If you are late for a flight, please inform the information number, but we cannot ensure that you are still on the flight.


6. If I arrive from another flight can I go directly to your flight and how can I check-in in this case?

If you arrive at the airport from another flight and do not wish to leave the flight zone, please contact our helpline for further instructions: +372 58856336 or

NB! If you have the baggage you give away, you still have to leave the international flight zone and go back to check-in.

If your flight is delayed from the destination, you will not be able to wait and your flight ticket will expire.


7. If my luggage exceeds the permitted weight of free of charge 15 kg of carry-on baggage and 8 kg of carry-on baggage?

If you have more baggage than you should, you will be charged €3 to the airport cashier for each overload. However, baggage shall not exceed a total weight of 23 kg.


8. Is it possible to take a bicycle with you on the plane?

Because it is a small plane, the bicycle does not fit in the plane.

If wheels are removed from the wheel, a leakage and a saddle are then available, this may be possible, but we cannot guarantee that, and we recommend that you put the wheels in front of the ground transport.


9. If I want to bring a hunting gun, what do I have to do?

The airline accepts a limited amount of hunting weapons and associated ammunition (maximum of 5 kg per passenger) in passenger baggage, depending on the configuration of the aircraft carrying out the specific journey.

Prior to the purchase of the ticket, a written confirmation from the airline of the authorisation of the transfer of hunting arms must be obtained.

Please send a free-form application for the carriage of hunting to E-R 9-16.

The hunting weapon shall be packed separately from the ammunition in accordance with ICAO and IATA rules and shall be carried only in the baggage provided.

When checking in, the passenger must be accompanied by all the documents necessary for the transport of the hunting weapon to be provided, if necessary.

The hunting weapon is treated as a special baggage and the transport takes place at a premium of 20 €/direction.

We recommend that you make ticket purchases for passengers with hunting arms through the Air Company call centre or through an authorised sales representative or directly through the Air Company.

For more information on +372 58856336.


10. Do I need to print my booking confirmation for a check-in?

The booking confirmation does not need to be printed out for presentation at the airport, it is sufficient to provide an identity document.

A check-in employee will give you a boarding pass to access the flight.


11. Why can't I pay for the extra pounds in advance than I pay for the booking?

Over-kilos can be paid at the airport after a check-in employee has identified a lot of you exactly have over-kilos.

You can pay for the over-kilos to the airport cash register, in Tallinn to the Estair cash register.


12. The plane ticket didn't have a seat number, where do I have to sit on the plane?

In our small plane, seats are not set, so the flight attendants can choose the seat they want on the plane.


13. I want to fly with a child under 2 years old, how do I have to behave?

A child of up to 24 months is considered to be a infant.

To travel with an infant, you need to purchase an infant flight ticket with an older ticket.

A total of up to 2 infants will be allowed on the flight, and if you fail to buy an infant ticket, that number will be up.

This is due to the fact that there is no separate seat for the infant on the plane and is attached to the parent with a special belt and there are no more on the plane.

The child shall be accompanied by a document certifying the identity, which may also be a birth certificate.

No flight shall be allowed without an identity document.

The maximum permitted baggage allowance for an infant is 10 kg.

In a security check, you must be prepared to taste the baby's food!

We recommend that the child carriage be packed securely in advance for possible injuries.

It is not possible to bring a child carriage that does not assemble a large size.

You can leave the children's seat in the hold room for hand luggage.


14. I bought Full ticket FIX, but the flight plans are changed, so do I had a possibility to change it?

Tickets of FIX type and discount price are not modifiable except for the name that can be changed.

In order to be able to change the ticket, a FLEX ticket type must be selected on the purchase and the name, departure times and directions can be changed up to 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

After that, you can no longer change it or ask for the money back.


15. I want to fly a golf kit or a ski bag, is that possible?

Golf bags and skis are not part of the baggage provided free of charge.

They shall be individually packaged and shall be subject to carrier liability in the same way as any other baggage offence or loss.

The skis must be packed in a ski bag. One ski bag contains one pair of skis and one pair of ski couplings.

One flight is allowed to take up to two ski bags per aircraft.

Golf equipment includes a golf bag.

One golf bag contains up to 14 golf clubs, up to 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes.

One flight is allowed to pick up one golf bag per plane.

Exceptions can be made for each specific flight if the payload capacity and cargo weight of the aeroplane so permits.

If payload capacity and cargo weight of the aeroplane allows it, more ski or golf equipment may be picked up on one flight.

An exemption shall be decided by the pilot-in- Ina situation where climatic conditions do not allow flights to be carried out, delivery of baggage to the destination shall be guaranteed at the first opportunity

Additional baggage charges (in one direction):

• Additional baggage losses: €3

• Ski bag: €20

• Golf bag, max. 15 kg: €20

Golf bag and ski equipment must be registered in advance at least 72 hours before departure, providing relevant free-form information to the airline's e-mail

Registered baggage shall not contain cash, jewelry, precious metals, computers, cameras, mobile phones, electronic devices, musical instruments, spectacles/sunglasses, keys, medicines, negotiable documents, securities or other valuables, stock notes, bonds and other valuable documents, commercial documents, passports and other identity documents or samples, as well as other easily ruptured or perishable substances or items.

If, despite the ban, the items mentioned in the passenger's luggage are present, the airline shall not be liable for their loss or damage and the passenger agrees to be liable for any damage caused to himself, the airline or third parties by placing such items in his luggage.


16. I want to take my pet with me on the flight, what are the requirements?

The airline allows dogs and cats placed in a cage to board the aircraft and the total weight of the animal and cage does not exceed 8 kg.

The dimensions of the cage shall not exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cm (length x width x height).

The transport of other animals is not permitted.

2 pets are allowed on one flight at a same time.

The cage must be large enough to allow the animal to move freely within the cage and the cage must be ventilated.

The animal must be in a cage throughout the flight.

There shall be no wheels on the cage and it shall be made of solid material, clean, securely closed and the bottom of the cage shall be lined with water absorbing material.

In order to transport the animal by aeroplane, pre-registration via e-mail is required at least 48 hours before departure by sending a free text request to the address

The fee for the transport of one pet in one direction is €20.

The fee can be paid before departure to the airport cash register after the check-in employee's permission to allow the animal on the plane.

The final decision to allow the pet to board the flight is made by a check-in employee.

If the cage does not meet the conditions described in these rules, the airline has the right to refuse to carry the pet.

Guide dogs and service dogs Control dogs (in case of visual or hearing impairment) can get into the aeroplane free of charge with a special needs passenger.

The accompanying dog does not need to be in a cage during the flight but must be equipped with a walking strap.

When completing the booking, please inform the guide dog about our customer service via e-mail to


17. I paid for the tickets, but there was an error, and I can't see my tickets, and I couldn't email them. What do I have to do?

If you did not receive a booking confirmation in your mailbox but received confirmation that the payment was successful, please contact our customer service on your mobile phone: +372 58856336 or email: by email, record the date, time, direction, and pdf-sized payment order. Also check your junk mailbox because they may have ended up there as well.

Confirmation of success of the payment will not assure you of your place on the flight because it is confirmed by a booking confirmation.

If the payment takes more than 30 minutes, your booking will be automatically deleted and not automatically restored after the fee, as there may be a sale over. In this case, the money will be refunded if you have not previously turned to the helpline and there are still seats for the flight.

18. If the trip was cancelled or the time of the trip changed then what do I have to do?

If the scheduled flight has been cancelled or delayed, we will notify customers by e-mail and SMS, so we will always ask you to specify your correct e-mail and mobile number when you purchase the tickets so that we can contact you if necessary.

If you buy a ticket through our agents, we always ask you to provide your contact information so that information can be sent.

If you miss a flight, you have the following options that you need to inform your customer service about:

• Rebook the flight to the next desired flight

• Requesting the full amount of air money

• If alternative transport is proposed, notify that you select this option. In this case the money will not be returned If you have received a prior notification that your flight may be delayed or cancelled, please inform your customer service immediately that you will be forced to use another way to travel because you need to reach your destination for an exact period of time.

The airline will not take responsibility for circumstances that could not be foreseen or prevented because you did not arrive at the scheduled location within the time limit.


19. I got sick suddenly and can't go on a trip, what about my ticket?

In certain cases, the airline shall make a full refund of the ticket money when the passenger submits a medical certificate stating the following information to prove the reason for not using the ticket:

• name, signature and contact phone number of doctor

• a brief description of the reasons why it was not possible to travel

• passenger name and personal identification number

• date of issue of the certificate

• doctor's stamp

• reservation number or unused ticket number

The free format of the ticket money Return application and medical certificate must be sent to the airline's e-mail address


20. I want a bill for the company, is it possible to get a bill?

If you want to pay for tickets with an invoice and cannot pay through our bank links or card payment link, we recommend that you contact our agents.

An airline only issues invoices for group bookings when more than 9 passengers are on a flight.


21. I flew with you and would like an account for this.

If you want an invoice for your employer, you will also need to include your company's details when you order a reservation, and you will receive an invoice with your booking confirmation.

If for any reason you did not receive it, please contact customer service by saying your name and booking number AEXXXXX.

It is no longer possible to add company data to the invoice later.


22. I tried to buy adult tickets with discount tickets but didn't get a discount?

FIX and discount tickets cannot be purchased together in one order because the discount does not apply except in the case of a child's ticket where it is calculated as a percentage of the normal price.

In order to receive promotional tickets, it is necessary to purchase them separately from regular tickets.

Also, during the summer period, student tickets will not benefit. It is also not possible to purchase special discount tickets with a single order, since the discount does not apply either.

ATTENTION! If the copper parent wishes to travel with his or her underage grandchild, it is necessary to contact either our agents or customer support for the benefit.


23. I have a severe disability and I don't move myself except with a wheelchair, can I fly your plane?

Children travelling alone, persons with reduced mobility, pregnant women, sick persons and other passengers who need assistance in entering and/or leaving the aeroplane shall be marked when buying a ticket.

It is not possible to provide such a service without notice and without making a reservation.

Contact customer support: +372 58856336 or

Airline has limited possibilities for transporting certain people with reduced mobility.

The service is free of charge.

Assistance for passengers with special needs an unaccompanied passenger with a hearing or visual impairment can be assisted in boarding and disembarking.

We would like to inform the airline or inform its travel agents in advance of the purchase of the ticket.

The service is free of charge. 

ATTENTION! If you can't get up the plane stairs by your power, unfortunately, we can't provide you with a service because because of the size of the plane's doorway, we can't get you on the plane.


24. I made a mistake on the reservation and my flight time is wrong. Can I change that?

If you purchased an airline ticket at a normal price or a discount price incorrectly, you cannot change it by rules except you can change the name.

Also, changing an infant is free as an infant travels for free.

To avoid losing a flight ticket, you need to contact customer support and consider that changing the ticket is only possible for the FLEX ticket type and that you need to pay at least the difference between the two.


25. I bought myself a student-benefit ticket and never noticed that it only applies to passengers up to 24 years of age. How do I get on a flight now?

The subscriber, or Estonian state, is prescribed that the pupils are persons who study full-time primary or secondary school  and the students are up to 24 years old.

If you are older, you will not be eligible and you will have to buy a full-price ticket.

If you already purchased a promotional ticket, please contact our customer support +372 58856336 or by notifying your booking number AEXXXX and we will change your booking accordingly.

You can pay the difference before departure to the airport cash register.


26. Trying to pay for a booking with a Paysera bank link, but no ID card confirmation?

Some bank links, such as Luminor, do not currently have an ID card confirmation option, so we recommend that you also use a Mobile ID or Smart ID.

You can create a Smart ID:

If you have the option to pay a bank card, use it by pressing the Visa/EuroCard logo.

If your booking has not been paid within 30 minutes, it will be cancelled automatically.

It will also be cancelled if the payment takes more than 30 minutes and is not automatically reinstated at a later date.

In this case, contact customer service immediately: +372 58856336 or