Kärdla 01.07 - 31.08

Passenger ticket prices for Tallinn - Kärdla ja Kärdla - Tallinn airfare for period 01.07 - 31.08
Ticket categories
Price exl VAT, EUR Price incl VAT, EUR Return ticket incl VAT, EUR Changing Refund/ cancellation
Full ticket (FIX) 20.83 25.00 50.00 - -
Full ticket Premium*(FLEX) 27.50 33.00 66.00 Free of charge
50% of fare price
65-year old and older passenger 17.50 21.00 42.00 - -
Severly or profound disabled passenger Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge - -
Severly or profound disabled passenger escort 17.50 21.00 42.00 - -
Pupils and students - - - - -
2-6 year old passanger 17.50 21.00 42.00 -
Up to 2-years old passanger Free of charge
Free of charge
Free of charge
Any changes in a Premium category ticket can be made up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
Permitted refunds can be made up to 4 hours before the flight departure at the ticket sales counter or the air operator. 
All the ticket categories permit the change of the passenger name for free at least 4 hours before the departure of the flight.
Full-time primary school pupils and students up to 24 years of age.. Pupils ask to present a pupils card, students have to present student card.
A severely disabled person shall prove the disability by presenting a decision of a relevant commission.
Parent of anup to 2-years passenger proves the child age by presenting a birth certificate.
65-year-old and older passengers prove their age by presenting an identification document.
* allowed changing of the flight ticket up to twice        
Additional services on Tallinn-Kuressaare and Kuressaare-Tallinn air route.       
The service price is valid for a one-way travel (price includes VAT)       
Hand baggage 45x20x35cm 8 kg free of charge
Check-in baggage max 23 kg from 15 kg is free of charge
Excess baggage (per each excess kg) 3,00 EUR/iper each excess kg
Sport equipment
Ski equipment 20,00 EUR/ski bag
Golf equipment 20,00 EUR/golf bag
The skis must be packed into a ski bag. A ski bag shall contain one pair of skis and one pair of ski poles. Up to two ski bags per aircraft are allowed to take on board of an aircraft on each flight. The golf equipment includes a golf bag. A golf bag contains up to 14 golf clubs, up to 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes. One golf bag per aircraft is allowed to take on board of an aircraft on each flight. If the payload of the hold of an aircraft allows, more ski or golf equipment may be allowed on one flight. The carrier shall ensure that all baggage is delivered to the destination by the evening of the same day, except in a situation where the weather conditions do not allow flying. In such cases, the baggage shall be delivery to the destination at the earliest opportunity.
Transport of pets in aircraft cabin
Transport of a dog or a cat in aircraft cabin 20,00 EUR/dog or cat
A dog or a cat must stay in a special pet cage which shall be placed under the seat in front throughout the travel. Maximum dimensions of a pet cage are 56x45x25 cm. The pet together with the cage may weigh up to 8 kg. Up to two pets per aircraft are allowed to take on board of an aircraft on each flight.
Unaccompanied minors
5 to 11-year-old passanger 20,00 EUR/child
Under 5-year-old children, unaccompanied by an adult passenger shall not be permitted on the flight.
Servicing passengers with special needs Free of charge
The air operator must be notified in advance in the case of travel of persons with visual or hearing disability or with reduced mobility.