Hilinenud ja tühistatud lennud

   Passenger Rights


In a situation where the flight is cancelled or delayed for more than two hours (for example, due to weather conditions or an unexpected technical problem of the aircraft, the passengers shall be offered the following by the airport service personnel:

  • A food voucher or catering (max. 8 €/person). The food voucher will be issued only for these passengers who do not cancel their flight (who do not get a ticket refund). A food voucher can be obtained from the check-in desk at the airport, provided that the check-in is still going on and the passenger has not yet entered the security zone or the gate for boarding the aircraft. In the case the passenger uses free alternative transportation arranged by the Air Carrier to reach the destination, the Air Carrier shall refund the passenger's catering costs of up 8 euros per passenger based on corresponding expense receipts and on the condition that the passenger has not used a food voucher at the airport.
  • A possibility to make two phone calls at the airport at the expense of the airport.
  • A possibility to send two e-mails or faxes at the airport at the expense of the airport.
  • Hotel accommodation, if the passenger is not at their home airport and has to wait one or several nights, or if the passenger has to wait significantly longer than planned.
  • The fare refund or rebooking the ticket for free.


     Changes in Flight Plan


The Air Carrier shall make every effort to transport the passengers and their baggage as quickly as possible to the desired destination indicated on the passenger ticket. The Air Carrier is entitled to make changes to the flight plan by giving at least two weeks’ notice before the scheduled departure time. The Air Carrier is not liable for any agreements made with third parties, including hotel stays, connecting flights, etc. The notification of the changes shall be sent to the e-mail address or phone number that has been entered into the passenger ticket booking system. The Air Carrier shall not assume liability if it was not possible to notify the passenger of the changes because there were no passenger contact details in the booking, or they were incorrect.