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Savonlinna line

Welcome to Savonlinna!


The area of Savonlinna is the pearl of Lake Saimaa. Savonlinna is a beautiful and lively city of around 35 000 people in Eastern Finland, in the lap of lake Saimaa.

The varied nature of the area of Savonlinna shows the beauty and gracefulness of Finland’s Lakeland. From Savonlinna, a traveller can quickly get to the beautiful scenery of Punkaharju so characteristic of Finland, the rugged rocky shores of Kolovesi National Park, and the open waters and many islands of Linnansaari National Park. Savonlinna itself is built on islands, so Lake Saimaa is never far away. More information about Savonlinna: Visitsavonlinna.fi


Flight duration SVL-HEL-SVL line is 55 minutes. NB! Check-in is opening 60 minutes and closing 45 minutes in Helsinki and 30 minutes in Savonlinna before departure. Flight info tel: + 358 44990 9990 E-mail: svl@sll.flights.